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Our success can be measured by the thousands of daily business transactions now being exchanged between our customers and their entire domestic and international trading communities.

The TEDIS customer base is mainly comprised of large corporations and SME trading communities and reflects the company’s industry specific expertise in:
  • Automotive supply chain
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Export/Import
TEDIS would be pleased to introduce other industry participants to any of our valued customer references, although as a courtesy to them we would ask that any initial approach be directed via TEDIS.

In 2001, TEDIS forged a close relationship with the Electronic Commerce Network (New Zealand). This alliance enables TEDIS and ECN to provide seemless trans-Tasman services and support to our combined customer base.

At the same time, TEDIS acquired PacStream – a B2b Online service for the Australian and New Zealand book trade. © 2016