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The underlying principles of business and commerce have been established throughout centuries of trade. How do you adapt these practices to the electronic age?

TEDIS has responded by providing a simple Web-based business solution that reflects the real world.

As an SME, you can exchange purchase orders, PO acknowledgements, despatch advices, invoices, etc. – using only a Internet browser. The information you receive can be re-used to produce the response documents, saving re-keying and avoiding mistakes. The system allows you to keep track of all of your trading documents, maintain your part codes and customer specific prices, and download data to be used in a spreadsheet or your in-house accounting system.

As a larger industry ‘Hub’ you can adopt the predominant industry EDI messaging standard, use your ERP data file or commit to one of the emerging XML-based platforms knowing that you can quickly leverage that investment more widely.

Modeled around the existing business work-flow in the manufacturing and retail sectors, TEDIS B2b Online supports:

  • Purchase Order/PO Acknowledgement/Advance Shipping Notice
  • Material Requirements Schedule/Advance Shipping Notice
  • Invoice, and a
  • vendor maintained part number and price catalogue.

It is being progressively extended to include the Freight Booking, Consignment Note and Proof of Delivery messages. © 2016