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Supply chain efficiency demands close collaboration between all trading community members. Integrated messaging is the key, seamlessly linking manufacturers’ and suppliers’ sales, inventory and logistics systems.

TEDIS B2b Online supports managed, any-to-any messaging between trading partners. It provides an integrated link to each partners’ ERP system exchanging traditional EDI, proprietary application data files or XML.

Each participant exchanges business documents via TEDIS B2b Online in the message format and using the communications protocols of their choice. The service automatically translates and routes the messages and responses between participants (it works for both message-enabled and WebEDI subcribers). The service maintains a full audit trail and can provide message acknowledgements and delivery notifications as required. TEDIS B2b Online can exchange messages with other ISP’s and VAN’s, so it’s not even necessary for both parties to be directly connected to the service.

As all documents are ‘mapped’ via the internal TEDIS format, once a trading partner is enabled for its selected document set, they can immediately exchange documents with all other TEDIS subscribers who are similarly enabled.

This benefit allows a rapid roll-out to whole communities of interest … possibly supported by a TEDIS community engagement programme. © 2016