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TradeXpress® can be configured as an entry level system suitable for a medium sized 'spoke' organisation, a mid-range solution for the medium to large 'hub' or as a mission critical, enterprise level platform for the distributed corporation or bureau service operator.

The core system provides a fully featured platform that enables basic EDI messaging, translation, routing and administration – packaged to suit a range of large, medium and small organsiations.

The core system may be optioned up to cover a range of message syntaxes, mapping tools, communication options, ERP connectors and database integrators. There are also licensing options for entry level systems, multi-processor and clustered environments.

TradeXpress® added value options include:
Internet Package – includes:
  • SMTP/MIME, enhanced FTP, HTTP/S connector, PGP security
  • Graphical Mapper – with optional XML support
  • Oracle ®database, SAP R/3 ®, MQSeries ®, MS Exchange ® support
  • Various message syntax support – XML, UN/EDIFACT, ANSI X12, Tradacoms, EANCOM

TEDIS also re-sells Net-tel Route400 X.400 MTA software. © 2016