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TradeXpress® is a powerful, event-driven and flexible electronic commerce solution to the business needs of all participants in a trading community.

TradeXpress® can be configured as an entry level system suitable for medium sized 'spoke' organisation, a mid-range solution for the medium to large 'hub' or as a mission critical, enterprise level platform for the distributed corporation or bureau service operator.

Acting as an Electronic Commerce Gateway, TradeXpress® handles all inter-company communications between trading partners - in practice this means the integration of traditional EDI with Internet, WWW, email, fax and support for other emerging messaging options including ebXML and EDIINT.

TradeXpress® can also act as an Intelligent Message Broker, providing the platform to integrate legacy back-office application systems and distributed databases throughout an organisation.

Employing the latest RTE (Reliable Transaction Engine) technology, TradeXpress® has phenomenal throughput and performance. It has been independently benchmarked at up to 5 times faster than its nearest competitor.

Its client/server architecture and modular design mean it is totally scalable and may be distributed throughout the enterprise. Its graphical interface and ease of use reduces maintenance, training and management costs. © 2016