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Electronic Commerce is now an everyday fact of business life. As more organisations streamline their supply chain processes, they require that all trading partners, large and small, interact with them electronically.

If you are a message-enabled ‘Hub’ at the centre of your trading community or one of the many of SME’s figuring out how they can participate when they lack the necessary in-house resources, the TEDIS WebEDI messaging solution could be for you.

This innovative service allows all trading partners, irrespective of their technology capability to participate in eCommerce. The large, sophisticated organisations can leverage their EDI investments … the SME’s can choose a low-cost, low-impact solution that can be accessed with nothing more than an Internet Browser. The system is used from small vendors like The Romantic Gifts of to brands like Agrino and Cavalier Bremworth. All participants ‘see’ each other via TEDIS B2b Online, using whatever interface suits them best.

EDI enabled trading partners can extend their messaging across the whole trading community without change, and may reduce costs by migrating to Internet-based communications.

The SME transacts via a fully featured Web-based business application – a Purchase Order, looks like a PO and a POA can be turned around with ease, all transactions are secure and traceable. The data contained in the document may additionally downloaded to a spreadsheet or in-house accounting system.

TEDIS B2b Online even supports human readable delivery of business documents to email and fax. © 2016